Survival Swim School of the Brazos Valley is a proud provider of the ISR Self-Rescue Method.  We offer the most comprehensive pediatric drowning prevention program in the world.  Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) Self-Rescue lessons teach aquatic problem solving through highly effective and specialized instruction to Infants and Children 6 months to 6 years of age.  ISR has over 800 documented cases of children using their skills to rescue themselves from potential drowning situations.  Lessons are only taught ONE-ON-ONE, with a Certified Instructor, so that each lesson can be tailored to the child’s individual needs, abilities, and level of comfort in the water.

Why ISR?

Survival Swim School of the Brazos Valley’s philosophy is fundamentally different than other swimming programs.  These lessons are not about water acclimation or swimming only.  Because drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children ages 1- 4, we believe in giving your child the COMPETENCE and the TIME to survive in an aquatic emergency.  The goal at the end of lessons is aquatic independence and Self-Rescue should they reach the water alone.  Thousands of ISR lessons are taught worldwide everyday as part of our commitment to prevent pediatric drowning.  The commitment ISR made to parents 50 years ago, to reach the next child before he or she reaches the water alone, is honored daily to achieve our mission that Not One More Child Drowns.

Drowning only takes a moment… give your child the gift of TIME!